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Making MTS tools easier and more efficient to use.

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Project and implementation of the medical system, combined of the operator’s app, doctor’s panel and patient’s panel.

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MTS offers innovative service in the high-tech medical industry. Thanks to the ultramodern technology of clinical thermal imaging, MTS equipment can quickly diagnose breast cancer and other diseases. Client’s mission is to make traceability faster and deliver specialised services on the level of primary care physician.


After the series of workshops with the Client, me made a wireframe and a prototype of the system. That created a base for the actual project. We designed branding and brand identity. Simultaneously, we worked on R&D to choose right technology for integrating the system with thermal imaging.
We implemented a set of tools, which let editing the image for medical reasons and an efficient algorithm for processing the image in real time. Also, the case of vulnerable data and big RAW files transfer was a huge challenge. But we managed to find a suitable solution which fully completed Client’s expectations.


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specializing services on the level of primary care physician

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shortening the time of diagnosing breast cancer and other disease

following strict safety regulations in case of storing fragile medical data

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