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Refreshing brand image by creating a new website.

#technology #creation #security #oktawave #cloud #interactivevideo #filmproduction
Pramerica intro


Creating a website, which will be both useful for and creatively designed.


Due to the nature of the business, our Client needed not only a useful, but also a really secure website.
We focused on linking those two factors.


We presented Client’s offer in a friendly and intuitive way, by adding an interactive video to the website. Users could learn a lot about the offer and claims management from the orientation film.


Technically, our project was based on open CMS system, integrated with Octawave computing cloud. We created three-stage environment with production server sealed off the administration layer, which ensured the highest level of security.


pramerica efekt

making it easier for users to find key information on the website

creating tools for efficient communication between different company departments

far less complaints and questions about claims management

While working on complicated projects, it’s important to work with competent people. If they also keep their deadlines and are really friendly, every challenge can be a pleasure.

Marcin Kruszyński
Marketing Manager Pramerica

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