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Improving the process of registration for courses available at Open University as a part of University of Warsaw.

#technology #creation #efficiency #uouw #api #oktawave #cloud #synermedia
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Project and implementation of dedicated CMS system with API integration of the base of courses, which could handle more than 10 000 users at one time.

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Client’s goal was simple: to improve the platform via which users apply for courses available as a part of Open University. While doing it, we focused on two main factors: technology and creation.


We wanted to create a useful and intuitive platform, so that’s on what we focused during the creative process.


In technical part, we concentrated on creating dedicated CMS integrated with the cloud computing with autoscaller. Thanks to that, our data was scaled in real time and platform was fast and stable, no matter how many users enter it (and sometimes it can be even a few thousand more than normally!).


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More than 10 000 at once on platform

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6000 sign-ups for classes in 15 minutes

19% less complaints and users who couldn’t sign up

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