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Galeria Mlociny

Mobile app with wayfinding system

#mobile app #wayfinder #integration #ios #android

Until recently shopping mall apps have been perceived merely as technological gadgets. Now they are considered valuable communication channels that enable customers to save money and time while having constant access to useful information. Galeria Mlociny wanted to offer its’ guests something more than a mobile version of a desktop webpage and when good solutions are needed we always come up with ideas.

Running in circles on underground parking lot, desperately searching for a lost car? There is no way that this will happen in Galeria Mlociny! Just enter your license plate number and you’ll be immediately shown the location of your precious machine.
Those in hurry, who would like to visit a specific shop, will surely appreciate a detailed map that provides accurate route to a chosen destination. Target store may be selected either manually or by scanning its QR code found via the nearest wayfinder.
The customers, who just want to spend a relaxing day or evening in a pleasant venue, can use the app to find plenty of information regarding restaurants, currently screened movies and even dancing parties. By placing contents of tabs in comfortable tiles we have increased the amount of space allowing to display more news and offers.

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