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A football trainer’s assistant

#management system #exercise creator #multimedia library #calendar

Unicoach is an organization formed by a group of football enthusiasts devoted to utilizing the best and latest technologies to enhance football training. When such a customer entrusted us with creating a complex system for tracking the progress of players and teams with a library of exercises and a tool for visualizing games, we knew that it would not be easy. Fortunately, we played on the same team!

Having selected a set of crucial functionalities of the tool and product features we have created mock-ups of the system. The synergy of technology, creation and sport worked.
Unicoach Coach Assistant is an innovative tool for managing the training process of football teams. It is equipped with a library of exercises (that are also available in an offline version), electronic journal, session planner, graphic and animation creator of tactical solutions as well as a module that helps to keep track of players’ progress. In addition it features the league fixtures downloaded via API. We have created a product that is friendly and inexpensive as well as very useful to every coach.

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